Blogs on Software Quality

A google search for “testing blogs” or “Software quality blogs” will generate a pretty good list of blogs on software quality. However, I thought it will be helpful to provide a bit more curated list of blogs – Blogs that i regularly read and find useful.

  1. Ministry of Testing  Blog Feed: Probably one of the best ways to get access to latest blogs on software quality. The quality varies, but quite often it’s easy to figure out from the blog title whether it’s relevant or not. If you have a blog then it’s one of the best ways to attract traffic to your blog by registering your blog site with them.
  2. Google Testing Blog: Get insights into Testing Culture, Technology and Processes at Google.
  3. James Bach’s Blog: Gain some valuable testing ideas from  co-author of “Lesson’s Learnt in Software Testing” – a must have book for any software quality professional.
  4. Michael Bolton’s Blog: Very active blogger and one of the thought leaders in Software Testing Community.
  5. Gerald Weinberg’s blog: Related to Consulting but contains multiple nuggests of wisdom that can be applied in any testing role. He is also a prolific author with many books on software quality to his credit.
  6. Automate the Planet: Anton Angelov’s blog on Test Automation. Lot’s of useful information to become an expert in Test Automation.
  7. Will be adding some more later …

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